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Frequently Asked Questions

What do your DJ’s wear to weddings?

We blend right in with the crowd. We, at Smoov Music, will wear dress pants along with a shirt and tie or attire that compliments your theme. For other events, such as reunions, holiday parties, school dances, we wear appropriate attire. That ranges from a suit and tie to casual. If you have a preference, please let us know in advance.

Do you have a written contract and what does it include?

Like all professionals, we use a written contract to protect both of our interests. Ours includes the location of the event, the date, the times we will perform, your total cost, when payments are required (in most cases, $300-$350 with the contract, then the balance is due prior to your special event). You can receive a copy of our contract via email, by request. Some other details: we ask that the DJ’s be provided a meal if one is served.

What types of music do you have?

We have a very wide variety of music. Because we mostly do weddings, we expect that there will be a lot of different people there who all want to have fun. Your grandparents, parents, aunts/uncles, nieces/nephews, co-workers, friends, and out-of-town guests will all have a different idea of good music. Especially, at the beginning, we play music that everyone can enjoy, and no one will be offended by. Later on, as some people leave or sit down to talk, we can play the music that the party crowd will like. In addition to music going back to the big band era up to the current popular music of today, we have a good selection of country, alternative, classic rock, and oldies. We have polkas, jitterbugs, waltzes, and other ballroom dances. For the cocktail hour and over dinner, we have a wide variety of music. There is jazz, classical, instrumentals, piano music, etc. We like to play a mixture of all of these types so that everyone will hear something they like.

Is there a wireless microphone available?

We are professionals who are prepared for every wedding. We couldn’t properly do a wedding without a wireless microphone for the prayer and the toast. Therefore, we always bring one to every wedding. If we are performing at the ceremony, we will have the hand-held microphone available.

How do you handle our requests and those of our guests?

Your requests, we play. How we handle the others is up to you. In our paperwork, we ask how to respond to requests: play them all, play them as long as they are not too different from your requests, or stay strictly within the guidelines given to us. We will never play inappropriate songs without your approval. We get a general idea of your tastes, suggest some songs, and leave room for you to write songs you want to hear and songs you do not want to hear. The first hour or so is background music and then formal events. Then we have an open dance floor. There are approximately 20 songs played per hour (based on an average of 3 minute songs).

How long do you take to set-up before an event?

We plan to arrive one hour before the start time to set-up and do an equipment and sound check. The contracted times are for our performance. The charge for travel, set-up, and tear down are included in that total rate. We do require that we have access to the room for a full hour before we start. The reason we arrive an hour before is in case we are delayed by traffic, locked doors, etc. During that hour, we will be bringing in our equipment, setting it up, and doing a sound check. Make sure that you let us know if you need us to be ready earlier than our start time. We do have an option that allows us to set-up early.

Can we change the start and end times?

Of course. We are very flexible with the times for a wedding. We know that when you book us months in advance, as you get closer to the wedding day, the times may change. Just let us know. We are also flexible with the ending time. In most cases, we are available for overtime at the end of the contracted times. We don’t want to end the party if there are people still dancing and having a good time. The main reason we would not be able to stay for overtime is if the hall doesn’t permit it.

What equipment do your DJ’s use?

We use professional quality disc jockey sound equipment. Every system has a wireless microphone available for the prayer and toast. All music is computerized on an apple computer. We use top of the line lighting and sound in every one of our packages. We have one and only one package available. Unlike other DJ’s that offer their basic packages, we use the same lighting and sound in every package.

Can I meet my DJ before I decide to hire?

Absolutely. We are full-time DJ’s available for meetings Monday through Friday and on the weekend before an event.

Is there a phone number that we can call on the day of the event?

Yes, we can be reached immediately anytime at (262) 893-5085. You can also contact your head DJ via phone.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have full liability insurance in case an incident occurs and can provide a certificate of insurance if hall requires.

What other extras are available?

We offer LED up-lighting, photo montage, screen/projector rentals, and photobooth rentals. Also, upon request and additional cost, we can provide the crowd with glow necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. If you would like this at your event, please let us know as early as possible.