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Recent Testimonials

  • Feschel Wedding

    Written by Jenny & Nick
    Sunday. October 18 2020

    “We were extremely happy with Smoov Music at our wedding! They were very accommodating to our needs and made sure they had every detail they needed to make the night run smoothly. Smoov Music did a wonderful job providing the perfect music throughout the night and guests were continuously entertained. We highly recommend Smoov Music to anyone!”

  • Sawall Wedding

    Written by Daniel & Alana
    Saturday, 25 January 2020

    Smoov Music was a great DJ for us. We had been to a wedding previously with them, and fell in love. We made sure to hire them for our wedding, and everything was super easy, they were quick to respond, and we had a great time. They kept us informed when things came up on their end, and when we had a technical problem with a DVD we had made, the owner came out and helped us fix it himself. They did a great job.

  • Burke Wedding

    Written by Gina & Andrew
    Friday, 17 January, 2020

    “Go to any Wedding Expo and you’ll realize there are a LOT of “bro” DJs out there. Found DJ Smoov at an expo and was immediately glad at how nice and not kitschy they were, and for a reasonable price. Very much recommend.
    – Their website made it very easy to relay details about timing for our big day and specific instructions, and made it very simple to list out specific song requests (and a do not play list).
    – We were assigned our specific DJs about a month in advance of the wedding. Kevin and Shawn did a fantastic job at our reception. They kept the dance floor full all night, were very chill when our vendor had a mix up with their food, and were totally self sufficient for setup and take down.
    – The uplighting was a big factor in why we selected Smoov as well. They switched up colors after dinner, which allowed us to get a lot of very cool and different looking photos during the dancing and reception.”

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