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Miller Wedding

“If there were two goals my husband and I had from the first day we started planning our wedding, it was that we wanted to throw a great party for the people we love, without causing ourselves so much stress in the process that we couldn’t enjoy it. Smoov Music was not only able to accomplish those goals, but it was probably the most painless part of planning the entire wedding – which is truly the highest compliment I can give! We completed the online forms detailing information on the reception, bridal party, schedule for the night, and music preferences, and I really loved that it didn’t require a ridiculous amount of time or effort – unless you wanted to be extremely specific, in which case, you probably wouldn’t mind! Daniel was SO quick to return emails and answer questions, and he even reached out to connect with us the week of the wedding to be sure we were on the same page and to make sure things would go as smoothly as possible. In all the craziness of wedding week prep, we forgot to call him back, but he rolled with the punches and demonstrated what a true professional he is! He connected with us wuickly when we arrived at the reception and hit the ground running. He read the crowd perfectly and had people on the dance floor all night long, starting with the very first song. They were quick to check with us to see how we felt about the music, if we wanted any changes made, and accommodated any requests quickly and happily. Not only were they clearly good at what they do, but they were also extremely respectful and down to earth. We received so many compliments throughout the night (and continue to hear) from our friends and family about how great the music was. We couldn’t agree more! I have no doubt that had we made more requests/adjustments throughout the night that they would have made it work effortlessly, but what I really wanted was to NOT have to be concerned with the details of anything else at that point, and Smoov Music completely stepped up to the plate, hit it out of the ballpark, and allowed us to be fully present in the moment for our reception. We would not have changed one thing about that night and so much of that is because of the wonderful job Smoov Music did from start to finish. Can not recommend their services enough!”